‘The coming of the Messiah as told to …King Ahaz’ (Isaiah 7:1-14)

The setting of the well known prophecy about the birth of Jesus through a virgin in Isaiah 7:14 is set in a context of a fascinating story about King Ahaz of Judah in Isaiah 7:1-14. Ahaz was in a bit of a spot, politically. The neigbouring nations of Syria and Israel (!) were threatening to attack and he was afraid. It was then that the Lord sent the prophet Isaiah to Ahaz with a message that basically said, ‘trust Me, I’ll even show you a sign if you want one…’ But Ahaz refused. So the Lord gave Ahaz another sign, one of His own making, about the coming Messiah. But this sign wasn’t for Ahaz, but for us who live in this age (A.D.). The sign, of course, is Jesus!



• This Christmas series!
• Learning from the past
• The chapter’s context…
• See how the text tells of …

  1. A King who was afraid to trust (v.1-9)
  2. A sign that was offered to assist (v.10-11)
  3. A virgin birth was promised as proof (v.13-14)

Who was the sign for?
Will you be like this faithless King?