What do Presbyterians think about social issues?

Good question! The Church has a point of view and has readily expressed its views on many issues to both the State and Federal Governments. Our views are based upon our convictiosn that the Bible is God’s Word and what God wants for us is best for us, because He made us and knows what is best for us.

Regarding the topic of Euthanasia  (due to be debated in Victorian Parliament in August 2017), the Presbyterian Church of Victoria has expressed its opposition for the following reasons:

• Accepting euthanasia – by definition – suggests that some lives are worth less than others (at the moment it is the sick and aged in view, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine it could be expanded to include the handicapped, even the depressed at a later stage).
• The State cannot guarantee that these laws will not lead to some cases of involuntary euthanasia (i.e there remains the inherent danger of the possibility of involuntary euthanasia).
• There is no way of properly regulating euthanasia (Holland is a great example of where this leads) and will undoubtedly lead to vulnerable people being placed under great pressure to acquiesce, and we have no doubt it would eventually become a means of aged health-care cost controlling decisions.

The matter is of course an emotive and complex one, but rather going down this dangerous path, we proposes that a better solution be found in the improved use of and the greater funding for palliative care.

For other issues that are currently being debated in the public arena, you might like to follow this link to the website of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria’s Church and Nation Committee.