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What to expect: Each Sunday, we meet to read the Bible and hear it explained, to pray and sing together.

The church doors are opened up around 10am. Some of us will be at the prayer meeting in a back room. Others will welcome you at the door and hand you the day’s notices. Feel free to take a seat. Some music will be playing and hopefully someone will come and greet you – if not, they will later.

The service will follow the order listed in the service sheet from 10.30am. Our worship is Christ-centred and Bible-based with a mixture of much loved traditional hymns and modern songs. There will be announcements, a time for the children, prayers and occasional mission spots. We’ll also take time to read God’s Word and give attention to the preaching of God’s Word (for about 25-30 minutes) on the Bible text for the day. Afterward we share morning tea in the hall. On the 4th Sunday of the month we share lunch together.