Take a look inside our hall and meeting room!

Our hall and meeting room are an integral part of our activities and fellowship, as well as other community groups who make use of them on a regular basis.

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The hall was built and opened in 1955, so it’s by no means new, but our recent renovations in October 2012 have given it ‘a new look’. For a start, the hall’s old stage has been totally removed and in its place there is now a new kitchen complete with a pantry, drawers and cupboards, a new electric stove and gas cook-top, a commercial dishwasher with stainless steel sinks and benches, large laminated benches and two serveries – one opening into the hall and the other opening into the meeting room.

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The hall itself has also had a new false ceiling and sweep fans installed to keep us cool in summer. It has easy access to both the kitchen and the toilets. Reverse cycle air-conditioning was added in 2017!

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The meeting room (known as the ‘Upper Room’ – even though it’s on the ground floor!) has also been upgraded with the addition of reverse cycle air-conditioners, new carpet, sweep fans and a coat of paint. It also has easy access to the kitchen and toilets. The toilets are now also inside, with facilities for men and women, as well as a disabled toilet (which also has a baby change table).

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To finish it all off, there is disabled access into the Upper Room (and from there into the hall), via a newly built ramp and entrance from the car park.

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Hall and Meeting Room usage information

Sizes: The hall measures approx. 20m x 12m and can comfortably hold 150 -180 persons. The Upper Room measures approx. 10m x 5m and can comfortably hold 30-40 persons. (An inspection can be arranged on request.)

Rates: Both the hall and the Upper Room are available for a donation of $80 per hour, with an additional $80 per hour cleaning fee, if, after inspection, it is determined that the facilities have not been left ‘up to scratch’.

Conditions: There are some conditions of hire that are important to know:

  • no alcohol (a condition that applies to all Presbyterian Church properties)
  • noise is to be kept to a minimum (especially if people are outside)
  • no smoking inside or outside (including the car park)
  • whatever room is used (hall/meeting room/kitchen) is to be left ‘as it was found’ (ie any furniture and items that were moved are to be returned to where they were)
  • decorations are allowed but are not to remain after the function
  • all breakages must be reported
  • extra care to be taken when using the commercial dishwasher
  • all rubbish and recycling are to be removed from the property
  • ensure lights, heaters, air-conditioners and fans are all turned off upon leaving
  • items belonging to the church are not to be removed, interfered with or defaced
  • keys are not to be copied or given away under any circumstances and are to be returned within a reasonable time period (as arranged)