As one of the many churches in Bendigo, we are a community of Christians of all ages, reformed and evangelical in our theology and practise.

We meet at 10:30am every Sunday  (9:30am on Good Friday and Christmas Day) on the corner of Forest and MacKenzie Streets, Bendigo.

We confess faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and rejoice in the salvation He freely gives His people by His grace. In response to God’s goodness in this way, we seek to love God in return and seek to share what we have come to know with the people of Bendigo and surrounds.

Are you searching for more about this salvation, what it means to be a Christian or what is so good about the good news? We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have.

Together with Eaglehawk and Bendigo East (Reforming), we form the three Presbyterian ‘sister’ churches in Bendigo.

Recent News

PYV’s North Camp is coming!

The start of the September school holidays are not so far away now, and with their arrival comes… PYV’s  North Camp!  

You can click on all the details of the Camp, including the venue and costs and registration here.

In the meantime we are happy to play ‘host’ to the North Camp Leaders’ Training Day, tomorrow! May God richly bless the day of learning and preparation!

Current Sermon Series

Latest Sermon

‘Abraham: Worshipping steps’ (Genesis 21:22-34)

The account of Genesis 21:22-34 records the development of an unusual working relationship between Abraham and King Abimelech of Gerar. After Abraham’s last encounter with Abimelech in Genesis 20 which didn’t go so well, this time, their interaction – particularly from Abraham’s point of view – went so much better! The section of text is interesting on another level too, in that it provides us with an understanding of covenants in Old Testament times, leading us to remember the God who makes covenants with His people.