‘The King is dead; Long live the King!’ (1 Kings 2:1-11)

The text of 1 Kings 2:1-11 is significant for so many reasons – especially because it recounts for us the death of King David. While David had been such an important figure in the life of God’s people, his death does not receive much attention, except his final words to his son and incoming King, Solomon. And then, he dies… but what of the legacy David left? Isn’t it Jesus Himself? The One who was greater than David? Truly David was great, but Jesus far greater!



00:00 Welcome
Song: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
00:19 Introduction
00:35 Prayer
Song: Beneath the Cross
04:38 Bible reading: 1 Kings 2:1-11
Song: Worthy of All Praise
06:33 Bible reading: Matthew 25:45-54
Song: Jesus Thank You
Sermon: 1 Kings 2:1-11
Song: I Will Sing of My Redeemer
07:55 Closing


• The last words of the dying…
• What we’ve covered so far
• David’s last words!
• Note from the text…

  1. From father to son (v.1-4)
  2. From the outgoing King to the incoming King (v.5-9)
  3. From the throne to the grave (v.10-11)

David’s place in God’s plan
David’s greatest legacy – Jesus!

‘The King that the Lord chose’ (1 Kings 1:11-53)

The text of 1 Kings 1:11-53 tells us of the outcome of Adonjah’s bold and pride-filled push for the throne. When Nathan the prophet and Bathsheba broke the news to the dying old, King David, he acted swiftly, authorising the coronation of the rightful King, Solomon. There will always be those who push forward counterfeit kings and saviours. It has been the devil’s plan from the very beginning to do this, but there is only one true King that God wants us to serve as He says in Psalm 2:6 … and that King is His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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00:00 Welcome
Song: Standing on the Promises
00:20 Introduction
00:35 Prayer
Song: Search Me O God
05:14 Bible reading: 1 Kings 1:11-53
Song: Jerusalem
13:33 Bible reading: Luke 19:28-40
Song: Yet Not I
Sermon: 1 Kings 1:11-53
Song: My Hope Is Built
15:56 Closing


• Catching up with the news on the royal family…
• Where we left David
• Where we left Adonijah
• Note from the text…

  1. Some royal cooperation (v.11-26)
  2. A royal coronation (v.27-40)
  3. Two royal responses (v.41-53)

Satan’s plan to provide counterfeit kings
God’s King will rule…!

‘Who will be King?’ (1 Kings 1:1-10)

The book of 1 Kings opens with the final days of King David and tracks the succession of Solomon to the throne. According to 1 Kings 1:1-10, not everything went smoothly – especially when Solomon’s brother, Adonijah, took it upon himself to take hold of the throne. We don’t need a king like Adonijah – one who acts out of pride and self-interest! We need a King who will put His people before Himself! But where would we find a King who would do that? Oh wait … according to Philippians 2:1-11, Jesus did just that didn’t He? What a King!


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00:00 Welcome
Song: I Heard the Voice
00:19 Introduction
00:35 Prayer
Song: What a Friend We Have In Jesus
05:23 Bible reading: 1 Kings 1:1-10
Song: Be Unto Your Name
07:23 Bible reading: Luke 14:1-11
Song: How Deep the Father’s Love
Sermon: 1 Kings 1:1-10
Song: And Can It Be
08:50 Closing


• Picking up from the life of David
• This book of 1 Kings… dusty, boring history?
• Will the promised King ever come? Solomon?
• Note from the text…

  1. The outgoing King’s decline (v.1-5)
  2. The incoming King’s aspirations (v.6-10)

Adonijah and the prodigal son!
Adonijah and the King we need…

‘Confessing Jesus’ (Matthew 16:13-23)

In this message, preached in July 2022, Rev R’jae Rojas explores the crucial moment in the life and ministry of Jesus, when He asked His disciples the telling question, ‘Who do you say that I am?’


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00:00 Welcome
Song: O Worship the King
00:17 Introduction
00:38 Prayer
03:34 Bible reading: Matthew 9:1-8
Song: Behold the Lamb
05:31 Bible reading: Matthew 16:13-23
Song: Before the Throne
07:25 Bible reading: Matthew 27:62-28:15
Song: Come My Soul
Sermon: Matthew 16:13-23
Song: My Faith Looks Up
09:29 Closing



  1. Confused by Jesus (v.13-14)
  2. Confessing jesus (v.15-17)
  3. Commitment to Jesus (v.18-20)


‘Promised gifts’ (John 14:1-31)

In this message preached by Steve Blyth in September 2013, Steve spoke from John 14 about Jesus’ love of others – even hours before his own death. With the crucifixion in view, Jesus promised to send his Spirit to prepare them to live well in the world. A selfless bucket-list, but if he could give them anything, why not world peace or an end to poverty? All these things require a change of heart that only the Spirit of truth can bring. As we receive the truth, it brings assurance of peace, a joy in all circumstances and faith in a God who is in control.


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00:00 Welcome
Song: Holy Holy Holy
00:20 Introduction
00:36 Prayer
Song: My Worth Is Not in What I Own
05:04 Bible reading: John 14:1-14
Song: Amazing Grace
07:04 Bible reading: John 14:15-31
Song: My Heart Is Filled
Sermon: John 14:1-31
Song: May the Mind
09:32 Closing

‘Uncover Jesus’ (Revelation 1:1-20)

There are some things that are just easy to do, and being confused about Jesus is one of them! In this message from April 2018, Steve Blyth takes us through some of the imagery found in Revelation 1:1-20 and points us to who Jesus is according to the Scriptures.


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00:00 Welcome
Song: Praise to the Lord
00:20 Introduction
00:37 Prayer
Song: O Great God
05:01 Bible reading: Daniel 7:9-14
Song: Tell Me the Old Old Story
06:22 Bible reading: Revelation 1:1-20
Song: My Hope Rests Firm
Sermon: Revelation 1:1-20
Song: All Hail the Power
09:54 Closing


Confused about Jesus?
Intro to Revelation (1-3)

Picture 1 – The Personal Loving Jesus (4-8)

  • Faithful Witness
  • First born from the dead
  • Loves us and freed us
  • Coming back again

Picture 2 – The Powerful Reigning Jesus (12-16)

  • Seven Lampstands
  • Son of Man
  • Royal Robe
  • Fiery Eyes
  • Powerful Voice

Putting the pictures together (17-18)

Confidence in Jesus
The one who loves you personally and rules all things powerfully

‘It’s time!’ (John 12:20-39)

In this message from September 2022, Rev Keith Bell explores the time marker in the ministry of Jesus – something found all through the gospel of John and something so prominent in John 12:20-39, explaining the purpose and the timing of His death for sinners.


Radio Service

00:00 Welcome
Song: Immortal Invisible
00:19 Introduction
00:36 Prayer
Song: See Him Coming
07:26 Bible reading: 1 Kings 10:1-7
Song: My Jesus I Love Thee
08:31 Bible reading: John 12:20-39
Song: By Faith
Sermon: John 12:20-39
Song: And Can It Be
10:42 Closing


• Passages of the Bible are …
• Consider what had been happening in the lives of Jesus and His disciples:
• Some Greeks came and they wanted to see Jesus.
• Jesus says, “It’s Time …”

  1. To Fulfil the Prophecies
    Everything is falling into place.
  2. To Persevere
    I’m here for the long haul and I will persevere to the end.
  3. To Effect My Purpose
    a. Judgment on the world
    b. Satan cast out/defeated
    c. Salvation for God’s people
  4. To Believe in Me
    “Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.”

So What?

  1. Be encouraged
  2. 2nd hand knowledge must be replaced by 1st hand encounter with Jesus
  3. A great theological mystery

The incident we have been considering is exciting and thrilling and lifts our spirits and gives us hope.

‘Tensions in the Christian life’ #4 In the world vs Of the world

In thie last of this series on ‘tensions’ in the Christian life, this message explores the tension the believer faces by simply being ‘in the world’. If this is a world that ‘God so loved’ (John 3:16), how is it that we are urged to ‘not love the world’ (1 John 2:15)? How can this tension be resolved? Perhaps by understanding 1 John 2:15-17


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00:00 Welcome
Song: O Christ in Thee
00:20 Introduction
00:37 Prayer
02:28 Bible reading: 1 John 2:7-14
Song: 10,000 Reasons
03:43 Shorter Catechism Introduction
05:11 Catechism Questions 193-196
10:35 Bible reading: 1 John 4:1-14
Song: Consider Christ
Sermon: 1 John 2:15-17
Song: When We Walk With the Lord
12:57 Closing


• This series
• Walking a fine line…
• Attitudes to this tension
• Why does John write this?

  1. Because of what the world is (v.15)
  2. Because of what the world does (v.16)
  3. Because of where the world is heading (v.17)

The boat in the water
The problem with our hearts

‘Compassion for outsiders’ (Jonah 1:1-2)

In this message preached at St John’s in July 2022, Rev Peter Phillips explores the opening verses of the prophet Jonah, revealing God’s heart for those who are ‘beyond the walls’ and who do not belong to the covenant family of faith.


Radio Service

00:00 Welcome
Song: Rejoice the Lord Is King
00:19 Introduction
00:37 Prayer
05:54 Bible reading: Jonah 1:1-18
Song: Come Praise and Glorify
06:46 Shorter Catechism Introduction
08:13 Catechism Questions 187-192
14:37 Bible reading: Luke 4:14-30
Song: Christ Is Mine Forevermore
Sermon: Jonah 1:1-2
Song: We’ve a Story to Tell
16:16 Closing


‘Compassion for outsiders’

1) Taking Jonah seriously

2) Taking Jonah to heart

‘Tensions in the Christian life’ #3 Love vs Fear

In further exploration of the theme of tensions between two truths, this message explores the tension between ‘loving God’ and ‘fearing God’. If the Apostle John can say, ‘perfect love drives out fear’ (1 John 4:18) and yet Jesus clearly tells us to ‘fear God’ (Luke 12:5), how can this tension be resolved? Perhaps 1 Peter 1:17-18 may help us!


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00:00 Welcome
Song: All Creatures of Our God
00:20 Introduction
00:39 Prayer
05:34 Bible reading: Psalm 34:1-22
Song: Behold Our God
07:42 Shorter Catechism Introduction
09:10 Catechism Questions 176-186
14:13 Bible reading: Luke 12:1-7
Song: Meekness and Majesty
Sermon: 1 Peter 1:17-18
Song: My God How Wonderful Thou Art
15:23 Closing


• This new series…
• To fear or not to fear?
• A text that will help us!
• Note that we learn from this text…

  1. The condition that Peter raises (v.17)
  2. The reasons that Peter gives (v.17-18)
  3. The applications that Peter infers (v.18)

John Newton
Never forget your redemption!