A time for certainty

It’s not hard to see that this year we call 2021 is unfolding pretty much like the year that came before it…2020. There’s uncertainty everywhere.
Uncertainty about COVID-19 and its new strains.
Uncertainty about COVID-19 vaccines.
Uncertainty about the economy.
Uncertainty and unrest in many nations on a political and social level.

But within all this, there’s some things that are certain. Some things that we may have confidence in. And these things that are certain lead us to hope and ‘hope’ says the Apostle Paul, ‘does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us’. (Romans 5:5)

To start off our Thursday night Zoom Home Group for 2021, we will spend the next 6 weeks examining the Ligonier MInistries teaching series ‘A Time for Confidence’

Here’s the blurb about the series form the Ligonier website;

“As members of a society that is quickly abandoning its Christian past, followers of Christ often feel disoriented or even frightened. When human leaders and political advocates fail us, doubts arise and the road to compromise beckons. In this series, Dr. Stephen J. Nichols points to the almighty God as the source and ground of our confidence. Though the whole world may shake around us, His kingdom is unshakable. This is a time for confidence.”

The series will cover the following topics

  1. A time for confidence
  2. Confidence in God
  3. Confidence in the Bible
  4. Confidence in Christ
  5. Confidence in the Gospel
  6. Confidence in Hope

You are welcome to come and join us on Thursday nights via Zoom to share in prayer, fellowship and the video of this study series followed by discussion questions, but you’ll need to contact us for the Zoom link! Or join us in the Church Hall on Wedesnday afternoons from 1:30pm!

Open Sunday 21 February

Bendigo Presbyterian will be meeting in person this week, 21 February. Our radio service podcast will also continue on 105.1 Life FM from 9.30am. Please continue to pray for those who are sick, vulnerable and our medical workers and leaders, and the roll out of vaccines, asking that the virus will continue to be contained.

Back together again…!!!

In line with recently released directions from the Vic Govt, we are pleased to announce that we can allow 120 people to come to our 10:30am services on Sunday mornings, although masks are again mandatory! However, if you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone who is a confirmed case of COVID-19 or have been directed to self-isolate, please do not attend.


Yes, as of Sunday November 8, the good news is that we’ll be meeting at 10;30am. But the not-so-good news is that only 10 people will be allowed to be present!

So, if you would like to join with us and have your name placed on a roster for attendance, please contact us and we’ll do just that! Meanwhile our weekly podcasts at 9:30am will continue thanks to Life FM!

Like to do ‘Christianity Explored’ online?

These really are uncertain times….and yet are also a really good opportunity to be asking some good questions, some of the bigger questions of life that will always be eternally important. Questions like, ‘Who is Jesus’ and ‘What does it mean to believe in Him’? These are questions that will be raised during an online course called ‘Christianity Explored.’

Christianity Explored is an informal and relaxed seven-week course based on the Gospel of Mark that gives time and space to consider the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ.
It’s an ideal course to attend if you want to;
• Find out what it what it means to be a Christian
• Get involved in a Bible study group on the Gospel of Mark
• Hear what the Bible says about the meaning of life
• Go over some Bible basics so that you can share your faith better
• Ask some questions about Christianity in an informal and non-threatening setting

As part of the course, the following also apply – you won’t need to know anything about the Bible, nor will you be asked to read aloud, pray or sing…but you will be able to ask any question you want!

Although it would be much better to run this course face-to-face, the next best option is to do this online – and we can do this via Zoom.  Would you like to join in? (You’ll need to be ‘Zoom ready’ on your computer.)

Please contact us if you’d like to get some answers to those big questions and we will send you the needed Zoom link. There’s no restrictions as to how many can attend, and as there’s no need to leave home (guaranteed 100% COVID-19 safe!)

Not July 5 after all!!

This morning we posted the news (in good faith) that with the easing of restrictions coming in on Monday June 22, we would be returning to worship on July 5. However, the Vic Government has just now delayed the easing of those restrictions until a further announcement to be made on July 12.

So….no, we won’t be meeting on July 5 after all….but keep your eye on this space for further updates.

Closed …temporarily…but still going!

Sadly, that’s the situation. In line with Federal and State Government restrictions and recommendations, our services and activities have all been suspended until further notice with this exception…

…..you’ll be able to listen to the first of our ‘lockdown podcasts’ this coming Sunday March 29th on our website and also on the radio each Sunday at 9:30am on Bendigo’s 105.1 Life FM.

Sunday March 22? Yes, we’re open!


It’s a rapidly changing world with regard to the coronavirus situation, now that ‘internal gatherings’ of 100 have been asked to cease and the 2×2 metre rule has been introduced. Thankfully, we have a large building and accordingly can fit 100 people in it and still be ‘safe’ (it would be great to have that many!) With the measures we have in place already and a plan to introduce some more small measures to be introduced we will still be gathering together on Sunday March 22 as usual at 10:30am. We are preparing ourselves for the fact that this is now a week-to-week proposition and the situation may change again, but for now, yes, we’re open, so come and join us if you can! And in the meantime, here’s another excellent article to consider.