‘Abram: Wavering steps’ (Genesis 12:10-20)

After God called Abram to go to the land He promised to show him, Abram went on his way. He trusted what he was told and obeyed… until the events of Genesis 12:10-20 unfolded. Like us, Abram’s trust in God had to grow. The fact that he stumbled in these verses does not negate the overall pattern of growth. Like Abram, we all need to walk by faith and not by sight as we follow along behind the Lord who leads us.

‘Abram: First steps’ (Genesis 12:1-9)

The story of God’s call to Abram in Genesis 12:-9, is a pivotal passage in the unfolding of Abram’s life and the whole story of the Bible. The fact that God called Abram and gave him many promises all based on grace is foundational to our faith. Yet also in these verses we meet Abram the willing obedient follower who ‘went out not knowing where he was to go’. His obedience to God’s call sets a pattern for believers today to follow.

‘Abram: Background steps’ (Genesis 11:27-32)

One of the most important characters in the Bible also played a major part in the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation. His name was Abraham, first introduced to us in Genesis 11:27-32 as Abram. His family background plays an important part in his story as does the fact that his wife Sarai, was barren…and who was it that Abram worshipped before God called him? All these matters underline the amazing grace of God that saves those who by rights, do not belong.

‘Abraham: A man of faith’ (Genesis 12-22)

Missionary Dennis Tranter preached on a summary of the life of Abraham from Genesis 12-22, highlighting the main challenges that he faced in following the Lord’s command to him. By trials and difficult circumstances, Abraham’s faith grew to the point where he could trust God completely when told to kill his son Isaac. His faith was perfected through trials so that now we speak of Abraham as a ‘man of faith’ and a ‘friend of God’.

Special Presentation: ‘Noah’s Ark’ (Genesis 6-9)

Rod Walsh, the ‘Ark Man’ from Creation Ministries International (CMI) presents compelling reasons why the account of ‘Noah and the Ark’ (in Genesis 6-9) can be treated as being trustworthy. While many regard the Ark as a fanciful tale for children, Rod explains that the Ark reminds us that God takes judgement seriously and has made a way of salvation for all who put their trust in the Lord Jesus.