‘The sad tale of Jacob’s two wives’ (Genesis 30:1-24)

Although the Bible tells of men who had more than one wife (such as Abraham and Jacob) it never speaks favourably about it. Jacob is a case in point. Although he loved Rachel and ended up being married to her after marrying her sister, Leah, things didn’t work out well! Jacob soon found himself in a corner, unable to solved Rachel’s infertility and the centre of a squabble between his two wives and their maids. Not a good place to be in. It was a place however, where Jacob could not wrangle his way out of, but he, and his wives, all needed a good dose of wisdom that begins with the fear of the Lord.



• The eighth in this series
• Where we are in the story
• The honest truth about the patriarchs and their wives!
• See how Moses tells us of…

  1. Rachel’s unwise decisions (v.1, 4-14)
  2. Leah’s unhelpful reaction (v.15, 17-21)
  3. Jacob’s unholy confusion (v.2-3, 16)

Relief for Rachel and lessons for Jacob and Leah…
The way of the truly wise…