‘Jacob meets his match’ (Genesis 29:21-35)

The ongoing story of Jacob and Rachel and Laban continues in Genesis 29:21-35. The text tells of how Jacob ‘met his match’ in Laban, that is, to say, his match in deception! For in having woken up the morning after his marriage to find that he had married Leah and not Rachel, Jacob had been deceived in a similar way to his own deception of his father and brother. But God had good to Jacob, and despite the ongoing saga this created, He blessed him with 4 sons – one of whom who would be the ancestor of the Lord Jesus!



• The seventh in this series
• Where we are in the story
• It’s a win for Jacob and for Laban…but…!
• See how Moses tells us of

  1. Jacob reaping what he had sown (v.21-30)
  2. Jacob receiving what he didn’t deserve (v.31-35)

There must be consequences for sin…
There is grace for those who sin!