‘The coming of the Messiah as told to…Mary’ (Luke 1:26-38)

When the angel Gabriel finally found the moment to meet up with Mary, his initial greeting to her was something Mary wasn’t prepared for. It seems as though the appearing of the angel to her was not the cuse of her discomfort, but the greeting and what it might mean for her. It certainly brought change. Far more change than she could ever have anticipated, but God was also in that change, and though she wondered ‘how?’, the angel could answer that question as well. As a result, Mary submitted herself to do God’s will and accepted the Lord’s promise to her that she would be the mother of the Messiah with a humble heart.



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• The dangers we face
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  1. The unsettling greeting conveyed to her (v.26-30)
  2. The amazing details told to her (v.31-32)
  3. The welcome assurance shared with her (v.33-37)

Mary’s submissive response
Paul’s direct summary…