‘The King rejected at Nazareth’ (Matthew 13:53-58)

There’s no doubt that Jesus was a popular among the people of Israel for a time. But not so among the people of Nazareth, his hometown. We read in Matthew 13:53-58 that they rejected His word and even rejected Him. It was by no means a ‘happy homecoming’ for Jesus. And so the question is ‘why?’. Why did the people of Nazareth turn their backs on Jesus and reject Him and His message? Hardness of heart has a lot to do with it – something that we must always pray that God would keep us from.



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  1. The hardness of their hearts (v.53-54)
  2. The danger of their assumptions (v.55-57)
  3. The poison of their unbelief (v.58)

Good and bad news from the prophet Isaiah!
The challenge to those who do and don’t believe!