‘The King’s forerunner and the King with the guilty conscience’ (Matthew 14:1-12)

After Jesus was rejected by the people of Nazareth, the text of Matthew 14:1-12 shifts to focus our attention on what was happening in the mind and heart of King Herod. Having heard about the miracles and ministry of Jesus, Herod, prompted by his guilty conscience, wrongly assumed that Jesus was John the Baptist ‘raised from the dead’. To fill in why Herod thought this, Matthew then explains for his readers how it was that John’s life ended in martyrdom – ultimately because of a partying King who made an dangerously open-ended promise to a dancing girl.



• A sad text!
• From Jesus to John…
• Which King Herod is this?
• See how the text tells us about …

  1. The awful danger of rejecting conscience (v.1-5)
  2. The strange reward for faithful service (v.6-14)

Herod’s conscience and yours
The cross – the cure for all sin and guilt!