‘The working out of the King’s wise rule’ (1 Kings 4:1-34)

With his throne and kingdom now well established, the text of 1 Kings 4:1-34, explains for readers the way in which Solomon’s kingdom was organized and structured. This was most necessary because of the size of the projects being overseen and the vast wealth that the King had amassed. The text also informs us that Solomon’s wisdom just kept of growing and was soon to be known throughout the world. All this blessing and prosperity reminds us of the greatness of the Kingdom that Jesus will bring in – that He will share with His people, blessings not created by taxes and forced labour but by and because of His great grace.



• That conflict between leaders and voters..
• The kingdom under Saul, David and now Solomon
• Further details about the king’s wisdom
• Note from the text…
1.The people of the King’s portfolios (v.1-19)

2. The vastness of the King’s wealth (v.20-28)

3. The extent of the King’s wisdom (v.29-34)

God’s promises to Abraham being fulfilled
God’s better promises to us in Christ still to come!