‘The King’s plans for the Temple’ (1 Kings 5:1-18)

One of the most important aspects of Solomon’s reign as King was the construction of the Temple of the Lord. This great and significant work was something that God had forbidden King David from doing, but had made clear that David’s son would complete the task. And what a task it was! With the help of King Hiram of Tyre, the gathering of the raw materials was a project of note in itself. As Solomon poits us to Jesus, we are reminded that Jesus gathers His people in to be His new Temple. People of raw material – being transformed into ‘living stones’ that make up His glorious body – the church.



• The most notable building ever built?
• Modern day? Taj Mahal? Sydney Opera house?
• Moving on to Solomon and the Temple of the Lord
• Note from the text…

  1. The conversations that led to cooperation (v.1-9)
  2. The cooperation that led to contracts (v.10-18)
  3. The contracts that led to construction (v.13-18)

The Church – the new Temple
Being ‘living stones’ for the glory of the builder!