‘The King, the baby and the sword’ (1 Kings 3:16-28)

With the previous part of the chapter telling us how God blessed Solomon with wisdom, the text of 1 Kings 3:16-28 gives us some information as to how that wisdom was expressed in Solomon’s life as king. Called upon to give a ruling in a case where it was ‘she said’ versus ‘she said’, the King quickly saw through the confusion to see a way of making the facts plain. The story reminds us that one day we will all need to appear before the throne of Christ to be judged by Him. There is only one safe place to be – on His side already!



• Like the challenge of a good riddle?
• A real life circumstance!
• Solomon’s wisdom is from the Lord
• Note from the text…
1.The evidence of the case presented to the King (v.16-21)

  1. The judgment of the case as determined by the King (v.22-27)
  2. The fame of this case that glorified the King (v.28)

How not to apply this story
Only one safe place to stand before the Judge!