‘Tried before Pilate, mocked by soldiers, crucified before all’ (Matthew 27:11-44)

Matthew’ gospel continues to record the ‘things that happened to Jesus’ in Matthew 27:11-44. His sufferings did not end with His denial and betrayal or His arrest and trial, but also extended right up to and including His death on the cross. Matthew records all these things to make it doubly clear that Jesus was innocent of all crime and all sin. That He was the One who was ‘the righteous’ who died for the unrighteous’, to ‘bring us to God’ (1 Peter 3:18)


• Where we are in Matthew 26
• Vivid, remembered details
• Three scenes in the text
• See how Matthew tells us of…

  1. Jesus on trial before Pilate (v.11-26)
  2. Jesus on show before the soldiers (v.27-32)
  3. Jesus on the cross before the world (v.33-44)

All this… at great expense to Himself… for you!