‘An empty tomb, a blatant lie and a message for the world’ (Matthew 28:1-20)

When the women first went to the tomb where Jesus has been buried on that first Easter Sunday morning, they never expected to find Him alive. But when Matthew records in Matthew 28:1-20 that Jesus was alive, this changed everything. While they worshipped Him by falling down at His feet, the soldiers who had been guarding the tomb (and saw what happened) and the Jewish authorities were meeting together to spread misinformation about the truth. But no lie can stop the truth, and the whole universe is now under the Lordship on Jesus!


00:00 Welcome
Song: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
00:17 Introduction
00:43 Prayer
04:20 Bible reading: Matthew 27:57-28:7
Song: In Christ Alone
07:06 Kids’ Talk – Colin Buchanan (with thanks to Compassion)
14:42 Bible reading: Matthew 28:1-20
Song: Never Alone
Sermon: Matthew 28:1-20
Song: Thine Be the Glory
17:02 Closing


• If the gospels ended at the cross…
• The resurrection is the great game changer
• Three scenes in the text
• See how Matthew tells us of…

  1. Feet worth touching (v.1-10)
  2. Lies worth telling (v.11-15)
  3. Commands worth keeping (v.16-20)

A choice to be made… which will be yours?