‘A plot to bring Him down, an act to lift Him up, a deal to give Him away’ (Matthew 26:1-16)

In the chapters leading up to the events of the death and resurrection of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel, Matthew 26:1-16 follows on directly after the Olivet Discourse. In these chapters, Matthew sets out clearly the events that led up to the the death of Jesus, beginning with the plot the Jewish religious leaders hatched to put Him to death and ending (in these verses) with the desire of Judas to betray Him. But in the midst of those two events is the wonderful act of love completed by Mary. While the men in this text are clearly walking in darkness, she, on the other hand, is walking in the light.


00:00 Welcome
Song: Immortal Invisible
00:18 Introduction
00:40 Prayer
03:18 Bible reading: Zechariah 11:1-13
Song: Behold the Lamb of God
05:39 Kids’ Talk
Song: Mary and Martha
09:59 Bible reading: Matthew 26:1-16
Song: Before the Throne
Sermon: Matthew 26:1-16
Song: My Hope Is Built
11:53 Closing


• A new series leading up to Easter
• Irony in the life of Jesus
• ‘Let the games begin’
• See how Matthew tells us…

  1. How the plot to kill Jesus was hatched (v.1-5)
  2. How the action to anoint Jesus was noted (v.6-13)
  3. How the decision to betray Jesus was motivated (v.14-16)

Where do you fit in this picture?
More irony… hated and rejected but the only safe place to stand!