‘Some shock news, a significant meal and a daring pronouncement’ (Matthew 26:17-35)

The scene at the Last Supper as recorded in Matthew 26:17-35 is so full of significance. Much could be (and has been!) written about the event which connected the Passover to this institution of the new covenant by Jesus. But what happened after the Last Supper is also important for setting the scene that would take place in the garden of Gethsemane, and this specifically concerns Peter, who, on hearing what was about to take place, boldly claimed to ‘even die with Jesus’. Poor Peter… but yes, how many times have you and I been like him?


00:00 Welcome
Song: Praise to the Lord
00:18 Introduction
00:39 Prayer
03:35 Bible reading: Zechariah 13:1-9
Song: Be Unto Your Name
05:38 Kids’ Talk
Song: I Can’t Save Myself
10:09 Bible reading: Matthew 26:17-35
Song: How Deep the Father’s Love
Sermon: Matthew 26:17-35
Song: This Life I Live
12:33 Closing


• Where we are in Matthew 26
• The calm before the coming storm
• The focus switches to Jesus and the eleven
• See how Matthew tells us of…

  1. The astonishing news that He broke to them (v.17-25)
  2. The memorable meal he shared with them (v.26-29)
  3. The bold pronouncement made to Him (v.30-35)

The disciples… what a mixed bag!
Remember who we are and whose we are…