‘The King’s response to two men who were among the last’ (Matthew 20:29-34)

When Matthew records the plight of the two blind men by the side of the road in Matthew 20:29-34, he completes the theme of ‘the first and the last’ that Jesus has been speaking of in this chapter of this gospel. If James and John were seeking to be ‘first’ in the previous section, then these men were surely among those he referred to as the ‘last’. Yet, though these men were blind, they saw more than other people could by putting their faith in the ‘son of David’ who was passing by.



• Where we are in the text
• That ‘inverse order’ principle…last & first!
• Fanny Crosby’s comment about blindness…
• See how Matthew tells us that these blind men ‘saw’ …

  1. An opportunity through the One passing by them (v.29-30)
  2. The power of the One who heard them (v.31-33)
  3. The face of the One of who healed them (v.34)

What have we seen in these chapters?
Another illustration of the way His kingdom operates!