‘Jacob arrives on centre stage’ (Genesis 25:19-28)

The character of Jacob in the Old Testament is no small, ‘bit part’ player. As one of the patriarchs, with Isaac as his father and Abraham as his grandfather, Jacob plays a vital role in the unfolding of God’s promises to Abraham ‘to bless all the nations’ through him. However, in recording the arrival of Jacob onto the scene, Moses tells it, ‘as it is’, Not all is rosy in the family, and there are hints given that not all will be easy in the lives of Jacob and his twin brother, Esau.



• Why preach a series on Jacob?
• The importance of Jacob in the Scriptures
• A man saved by grace…
• See how Moses tells us of …

  1. Who Jacob was born to (v.19-23)
  2. Who Jacob was born with (v.24-26)
  3. What Jacob was born into (v.27-28)

A vital character introduced into the plot line…
No longer defined by a physical birth!