‘The King’s response to the would-be convert’ (Matthew 19:16-26)

When the young man came to Jesus in Matthew 19:16-26 to ask about eternal life, it certainly did not go as the disciples expected it would! The young man went away from Jesus, ‘sorrowful’ and without the eternal life that he had asked Jesus for…although he did still have his money. The text is one of the greatest in the Scriptures for many reasons, especially because it brings eternal life and salvation into focus for us all!



• A really helpful text!
• The ‘rich young ruler’!
• What Jesus has been teaching about being child-like and children
• See how it tells us of the following questions…

  1. About eternal life (v.16)
  2. About the commandments (v.18)
  3. About perfection (v.20)
  4. About salvation (v.25)

Are you thinking about eternal things?
Have you grasped this principle of the gospel?