‘The King’s response to the parents’ request’ (Matthew 19:13-15)

When Matthew records that people were bringing their children to Jesus to bless them in Matthew 19:13-15, he also records that the disciples acted as bodyguards of Jesus and tried to protect him from the children! Mark’s gospel records that at this point Jesus rebuked the disciples and went ahead and blessed the children. There’s a point to note there. Jesus was not unwilling to receive them or bless them. However, the disciples most certainly were … to their loss.



• Further on into Matthew’s gospel!
• All of us are, or once were, children!
• The context of this event, children in the gospels
• See how these verses tell us of …

  1. The moment Jesus rebuked his disciples (v.13, Mk 10:14)
  2. The lessons Jesus gave to His disciples (v.14)
  3. The blessing Jesus gave to the children (v.15)

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