‘The King’s measure of forgiveness’ (Matthew 18:21-35)

After Jesus had challenged his disciples to follow certain steps in order to ensure that conflict between them be quickly resolved, Peter was quick to ask a question and Jesus was quick to give him an answer! All this can be found in Matthew 18:21-35. Peter’s question had to do with ‘how many times he ought to forgive his brother for an offence’ and Jesus’ answer was both plain and then couched in terms of a parable. The parable adds weight to Jesus’ answer, that the forgiveness that Peter should offer to his brother when offended has no limits. None at all.



• The all-important context
• The question Peter thought of and asked…
• Conflict among the 12?
• See how from these verses we can note…

  1. What was implied in Peter’s question (v.21)
  2. What was implied by Jesus’ answer (v.22-34)
  3. What was implied by Jesus’ conclusion (v.35)

What is your debt to God?
Where do all these implications touch you the most?