‘The King’s challenge down in the valley’ (Matthew 17:14-23)

After being gloriously transfigured up on the mountain, Jesus and his three disciples, Peter, James and John, soon came down from the summit to face reality. There, right in front of him, was a challenge in the form of a pleading father, bewildered disciples, a critical crowd and a demon-possessed boy, all recorded for us in Matthew 17:14-23. And yet, Jesus was clearly in charge of the whole situation and used it once more to speak of his impending death.



• Another turning point in the text!
• From up on the mountain to down in the valley…
• A confronting story…and Jesus takes charge!
• See how the text tells us of …

  1. The reality of sin and the misery it brings (v.14-16)
  2. The words of Jesus and the truth they bring (v.17-18)
  3. The key to the miracle and the help it brings (v.19-21)

Afflicted from youth…
The only One who can deal with sin!