‘The King pays the temple tax’ (Matthew 17:24-27)

On returning to the area of Capernaum after his ministry throughout the regios of Israel and beywond, the ‘Israeli Tax Department’ caught up with Jesus and his disciples, asking Peter if his master had paid the ‘temple tax’. Peter assured them that Jesus had, only to enter the house where Jesus was and take part in a conversation with Jesus that ended up with Peter going fishing and catching a fish with a shekel in it’s mouth to pay the tax, for Jesus and for Peter!!



• All over the place with Jesus
• Now back to Capernaum and a challenge…
• A story found in Matthew only… Why?
• See how the text tells us of …

  1. Jesus, as a Jew, was subject to this tax (v.24)
  2. Jesus, as the Son, had grounds to ignore this tax (v.25-26)
  3. Jesus, as God, miraculously paid the tax (v.27)

Using our freedoms…
Trusting the Lord to provide!