‘The King will die… come and die for him’ (Matthew 16:21-28)

After Peter twigged who Jesus was in Matthew 16:16, Jesus took the time to explain to his disciples just what kind of Messiah he was. He was one that would suffer and die at the hands of the Jews. While this fact may have been lost on the twelve, they would also have been overwhelmed at what Jesus went on to say next; that they were also destined for suffering and would need to bear their own crosses. What did Jesus mean by all this? These disciples were about to find out…



• That major turning point!
• Yes he was the Messiah, but what kind?
• Get His identity right, but get his purpose right too!
• See how in this text we find that …

  1. As Messiah, He would give up His life (v.21-23)
  2. As disciples, they should give up their lives (v.24-25)
  3. As witnesses, they would see His glory (v.26-28)

The kind of life He calls us to…
Three reasons why he calls us to this kind of life!