‘The King prays to the King in the Temple’ (1 Kings 8:22-66)

There are a fair number of long prayers in the Bible, and in 1 Kings 8:22-66, we have a record of King Solomon’s rather long prayer on the occasion of the dedication of the Temple. The prayer itself is not only long, but it is rich in content and full of many theological themes and truths that tell us about the God we serve, and the way we can approach Him in prayer. But more than this, the King’s prayer reminds us of our King Jesus, whose prayers are recorded in Scripture, but who is also before the throne of God ‘interceding for us’ (Romans 8:34). What a Saviour!



• Long prayers in the Scriptures
• Solomon’s prayer – a model prayer
• Note from the text how it tells us of …

  1. The God to whom the King prayed (v.22-30)
  2. The way the King prayed to God (v.22-57)
  3. The feast, God, King and people, enjoyed together (v.58-66)

The God you pray to and the way you pray…
The King’s ongoing praying for us!