‘The King on trial from within and without’ (1 Kings 9:1-28)

With the completion and the dedication of the Temple now behind him, the Lord spoke to Solomon in 1 Kings 9:1-28 to call him to daily and full obedience to His law. You wonder if the Lord did this at this time, because He knew that Solomon’s heart would soon be led astray? Or if He knew that the temptations for Solomon that were just around the corner would bring his downfall? Either way, with cracks beginning to appear in Solomon’s ‘perfect’ kingdom, the Lord’s words were apt. We are called to obey Him with a thankful and believing heart. Nothing less will do.



• When you’ve reached the top of the mountain…
• A high point at the end of chapter 8
• Cracks now appearing!
• Note from the text how it tells us of …

  1. The King facing an internal review (v.1-9)
  2. The King facing an external challenge (v.10-28)

The danger of drifting
The importance of daily obedience