‘The King meets the King in the Temple’ (1 Kings 8:1-21)

It would be missing the point completely to read all about the building, the decoration and the furnishing of the Temple and never think about the One who inhabited the Temple. Solomon didn’t build the Temple for himself but for the God who promised He would come and inhabit it. And the text of 1 Kings 8:1-21 tells us that He did. Once the Temple was completed, the Lord came down to that Temple and allowed His glory to fill it, so that none could stand in His presence, keeping people out. What a sight that must have been! But what a greater sight when God became flesh in Jesus and in doing so, hid that glory, even on the cross, so that by His abundant grace, we may come right on in!



• What we’ve noted about the temple
• Let’s not miss the One who would be within it!
• The day the Temple was opened – and God was there!
• Note from the text how it tells us of …

  1. The mercy of God in the temple (v.1-9)
  2. The glory of God in the temple (v.10-12)
  3. The praise of God in the temple (v.13-21)

Meet the King who came from His heavenly temple!
Know His sacrificial death for us so we can come in!