‘Daniel and friends: The proud humbled’ (Daniel 4:1-37)

There is no doubt that all through the first four chapters of the book of Daniel, God was dealing with King Nebuchadnezzar – and why wouldn’t He? Nebuchadnezzar was the most powerful ruler in the world. In fact you could say, the ruler of the world. So it was no surprise that God should engage with him. And that is just what he did! In Daniel 4:1-37 we find the story of how God brought this king down. Humbled him. Brought him to nothing. It is a salutary tale. One that we should take full note of!


00:00 Welcome
Song: Marvellous Grace
00:17 Introduction
00:38 Prayer
04:02 Bible reading: Daniel 4:1-18
Song: Behold the Lamb of God
07:31 Shorter Catechism Introduction
08:59 Catechism Questions 88-90
11:00 Bible reading: Daniel 4:19-37
Song: Before the Throne
Sermon: Daniel 4:1-37
Song: Jesus Shall Reign
15:29 Closing


• Where we are in this book
• The King humbles a king
• Recurring themes of Daniel 1-3
• See how the text speaks of…

  1. What the King dreamed (v.1-18)
  2. What the King learned (v.19-27)
  3. What the King became (v.28-37)

Warnings must be heeded…
God’s mercy triumphs!
Jesus who humbled himself…