‘Joy in trials’ (James 1:1-8)

In this message, Ryan Smith applies James 1:1-8 to our daily experience of the ‘trials of life’ which always bring to the surface our most desperate need for wisdom!


00:00 Welcome
Song: Standing on the Promises
00:18 Introduction
00:31 Prayer
08:09 Bible reading: Romans 8:26-39
Song: Be Unto Your Name
10:42 Bible reading: James 1:1-8
Song: Grace Unmeasured
Sermon: James 1:1-8
Song: Teach Me Your Way
11:51 Closing


Introduction: An extended season of trials

  1. How to think about trials (v2-4)
    Count it joy (v2)
    Because they’re ‘perfecting’ us (v3-4)
  2. What to do in the midst of trials (5-8)
    Ask God for wisdom (v5)
    NOT doubting? (v6)
    Double-minded and unstable?? (v8)
    God gives generously! (v5)
  3. Joy and wisdom in God’s most generous gift
    Wisdom in Christ (Col 2:1-3)
    Jesus’ joy in the cross (Heb 12:2)
    God’s most generous gift (Romans 8:31-39)