The Olivet Discourse (part 4) ‘No-one knows the day or the hour’ (Matthew 24:36-44)

When Jesus spoke further about his expected return in Matthew 24:36-44, he gave us some information about it, while keeping some other aspects hidden. While all would like to know the day and the hour of His return, clearly, this is notsomething we are told. But what we are told is that the day of His return will be like the days before the flood of Noah’s time when Noah was building the ark. Jesus said of those days that people were busy doing ordinary, good things such as ‘eating, drinking and being married’, but were oblivious to the coming of the flood that would bring God’s judgement upon them. By telling us these things, Jesus urges us not to be found unprepared and therefore, not ready, for Him.


00:00 Welcome
Song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus
00:19 Introduction
00:44 Prayer
05:22 Bible reading: Genesis 7:1-16
Song: We Are His People
07:53 Kids’ Talk
Song: Everybody Get Ready
12:32 Bible reading: 2 Peter 3:1-13
Song: Jesus Strong and Kind
Sermon: Matthew 24:36-44
Song: See Him Coming
14:37 Closing


  • Where we are in Matthew 24
  • Some wrong approaches we have missed
  • Another mistake to avoid – being unprepared!
  • See how Jesus taught…
  1. The timing of His coming was uncertain (v.36)
  2. The indifference to His coming was nothing new (v.37-39)
  3. The separation caused by His coming will be eternal (v.40-41)
  4. The preparation needed for his coming must be
    watchfulness (v.42-44)

What not to do with what He said!