The Olivet Discourse (part 3) ‘Signs, fig trees & guarantees’ (Matthew 24:29-35)

In trying to work out the timing of Jesus’ return, many people turn to Old Testament prophecy, the book of Revelation or even world events. Perhaps an easier approach would be to refer to the things that Jesus said about the topic. However, in Matthew 24:29-35, it has to be said that a wide variety of views abound. Some of what Jesus said requires careful thought. He was not one to contradict Himself! Even more than that, it’s good to remember that just as Jesus has proved right with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., so His words can be taken as being rock-solid. Through the confusion of various interpretations and theories, it is good to know that the guarantee of His return is His own promise!


00:00 Welcome
Song: Crown Him With Many Crowns
00:18 Introduction
00:44 Prayer
04:46 Bible reading: Daniel 7:9-14
Song: Be Unto Your Name
06:10 Kids’ Talk
Song: Hooley Dooley Wap Bam Boom!
11:19 Bible reading: Matthew 24:29-35
Song: How Deep the Father’s Love
Sermon: Matthew 24:29-35
Song: Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending
12:32 Closing


  • Where we are in Matthew 24
  • Nothing (so far) about millennial views
  • Those two questions of the disciples!
  • See here…
  1. The signs Jesus spoke of that would precede His coming (v.29-31)
  2. The illustration Jesus spoke of that would identify His coming (v.32-33)
  3. The certainty Jesus spoke of that would guarantee His coming (v.34-35)

Uncertainty ahead… except for Him and His promise!