‘Keeping your eyes on the (heavenly) prize’ (Philippians 3:12-21)

It’s worth remembering that the name of the month of January comes from the Roman god, Janus, who is often pictured as having two faces – one looking back to the past and the other looking ahead to the future. At the start of a new year it’s always good to start off with that kind of attitude. Paul certainly had that attitude during his life and it’s nowhere as clear as in Philippians 3:12-21. The apostle was single-minded about purusing a goal of ‘knowing Christ’ and he certainly had his eyes set on a future prize in relation to that prize, constantly checking himself so that he did not live for lesser things and miss out. At the start of the new year, take a leaf from the Apostle’s book!


00:00 Welcome
Song: Standing on the Promises
00:18 Introduction
00:45 Prayer
05:22 Bible reading: Philippians 3:12-21
Song: Behold the Lamb of God
06:40 Kids’ Talk
Song: People Change (But God Don’t Change)
09:53 Bible reading: Hebrews 11:32-12:2
Song: Before the Throne of God
Sermon: Philippians 3:12-21
Song: Be Thou My Vision
11:39 Closing


• A new year!
• Janus: looking back and looking forward
• The context of his words
• Paul’s forward and direct focus on his goal – the heavenly prize
• Paul wants us to consider…

  1. The attitude required to reach the goal (v.12-16)
  2. The obstacles encountered on the path to that goal (v.17-19)
  3. The complete transformation that was his goal (v.20-21)

The danger in taking your eyes off the goal
What will you be striving for in the year ahead?