‘Jacob steals the blessing’ (part 2) (Genesis 27:31-28:9)

There were repercussions for Rebekah and Jacob after they conspired to steal the blessing of the first-born from Esau. In Genesis 27:31-28:9 we find that not only was Esau very angry about this and wanted to enact revenge upon Jacob, but also that Jacob had to flee the family home to escape his brother’s designs. This was at great cost to Rebekah who would never see her son alive again on earth. Sin always brings repercussions and among them are the ugly fruit of seeds sewn.



• This ‘daytime TV soap opera’!
• What we’ve seen so far
• Part 2 of the stolen blessing…
• See how Moses tells us of …

  1. The twin’s desperate response (27:30-41)
  2. The parents’ united advice (27:42-28:1)
  3. The son’s urgent escape (28:2-9)

The reality of the consequences of sin…
The usefulness of trials in growing faith!