The King’s response to the shock about the would-be convert’ (Matthew 19:27-30)

When the disciples wtached the ‘rich young ruler’ walk away from jesus and miss out on eternal livfe, they were greatly astonished. They hadn’t thought that a rich man like him could ever miss out on salvation. And so in Matthew 19:27-30, they asked Jesus about what would happen to them. What link was there between leaving all to follow him and their reaward…if there was to be one at all?



• Continuing the story from last week
• The disciple’s shock at Jesus’ words
• Lord, what about us?
• See how the text tells us of …

  1. The question that Peter asked (v.27)
  2. The rewards that Jesus promised (v.28-29)
  3. The inverse order of the Kingdom’s rule (v.30)

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