‘The King’s measure of greatness’ (Matthew 18:1-6)

When the disciples asked Jesus, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom?” in Matthew 18:1-6, there was a lot going through their minds. Jesus had just begun to set out for Jerusalem, having told the disciples that there He would be mistreated and killed. What was it then that got the disciples talking together about greatness? Mark’s gospel tells us that at least James and John had designs on the right and left hand side of Jesus’ throne. In answering the question, Jesus gave to them an object lesson… a child. And as he did so, He shattered the notions of greatness in our world.



  • Picking up from where we left off
  • Matthew’s gospel – about Jesus and the
  • Various reactions from the twelve
  • See how the text tells us of …
  1. The question the disciples asked Jesus (v.1)
  2. The object lesson Jesus gave the disciples (v.2-3)
  3. The implications Jesus taught the disciples (v.4-6)
    So who is the greatest in the Kingdom?
    ‘He came not to be served, but to serve and to give His life…’