‘The coming of the Messiah as told to …Joseph’ (Matthew 1:18-25)

Joseph is one of the key characters in the story of the birth of Jesus, especially so in the text of Matthew 1:18-25, but he can easily be overlooked in the preaching of the Christmas narratives – probably because he doesn’t get to say anything at all. Even the shepherds and wise men get some lines in the gospels, but Jospeh gets none! Even though that is the case, we can ‘read between the lines’ and see what was going on in Joseph’s mind and heart, and how in a crisis situation, the angel who spoke to him in his dream put everything into perspective for him – even if he didn’t fully understand the implications of it all!



• The fourth in this series!
• Does Joseph get left out of the story?
• Not much told us about how he felt…
• See how we are told of how the angel…

  1. Appeared to him in a crisis (v.18-20)
  2. Averted him from his intentions (v.20)
  3. Assured him of God’s purposes (v.21-25)

Joseph is not alone in needing rescue!
The great exchange!