‘The King speaks out against unbelief and lacking faith’ (Matthew 16:1-12)

There are many who presume or assume that Jesus never stood for much, and that he endorsed social developments or changes that we think of! However in Matthew 16:1-12, this is proved to be false. Here, Jesus spoke out strongly both to his disciples about the influence of the Jewish religious leaders, and he also spoke strongly to them! We would do well to hear what he had to say, so that we are well warned and carefully and rightly directed!



• The Jesus who stands for many causes…
• This Jesus who ‘never criticized anyone’
• After the feeding of the 4,000, Jesus spoke out!
• See in this text that Jesus had to …

  1. Confront the demands of naked unbelief (v.1-4)
  2. Warn the disciples about false teachers (v.5-7)
  3. Reprimand the disciples about lacking faith (v.8-12)

Unbelief – not due to a lack of evidence!
He gets us! Make sure you get Him!