‘The hitch-hiker’s guide to the good life’

It is well known that Psalm 1 is the opening psalm in the book of the Psalms, and that in it, a summary of the message of the book of Psalms can be found. But not everyone understands that Psalm 2 complements Psalm 1 and gives us instruction on how to be the ‘blessed man’ (or woman). In this message on both Psalms, PTC final year student, Steve Denness, tells us how.



• Blessed… the one man (1:1-3)

• Not so… the wicked (1:4-6)

• Rebellious… the peoples (2:1-3)

• Angry… Yahweh (2:4-6)

• Installed… the Son (2:7-9)

• Blessed… the many refugees (2:10-12)