‘The King meets an‘outsider’ who became an ‘insider’ (Matthew 15:21-28)

It’s interesting to note how matthew has recorded the meeting between Jesus and the woman from Canaan directly after his comments relating to who is ‘clean or unclean’ and who is ‘defiled or undefiled’…because this woman was most certianly ‘unclean’ as well as ‘defiled’ in the eyes of the Pharisees and even in the eyes of the disciples who just wanted to shoo her away. But not Jesus. Even though it appeared that he wasn’t listening to her, he was, and he gave her what she asked for…and more!



• Jesus in an unusual place meeting an unusual person
• A turning point in Matthew’s gospel
• This woman – a real ‘outsider’
• See how we are told about their conversation …

  1. A discouraging beginning (v.21-24)
  2. A challenging middle (v.25-26)
  3. A satisfying end (v.27-28)

Saving faith in surprising places…
Outsiders are more than welcome…!