‘The King feeds the multitudes’ (Matthew 14:13-21)

After Jesus received the news of John’s death, he withdrew from public appearances to go away to a lonely place with disciples for some rest and prayer. However, according to Matthew 14:13-21, the crowds twigged where he would be and soon were there too. Jesus, however, as a true Shepherd of the sheep, put their needs before his own and had compassion upon them, even providing them with a free meal. All this happened far away from the eyes of the religious leaders and rulers, but not was not hidden from the eyes of his watching disciples who were taught a number of lessons.



• A text we know well…
• From John back to Jesus…
• Just one year left for Jesus to live!
• See how the text tells us about …

  1. How Jesus demonstrated His compassion (v.13-15)
  2. How Jesus instructed His disciples (v.16-20)
  3. How Jesus showed His sufficiency (v.19-21)

His ability. Our problem.
‘You give them something to eat!’