‘Bringing the rebel to repentance’ (Jonah 1:3-12)

In this second message on the book of Jonah, Rev Peter Phillips explores the rebellious response of the prophet to the Lord’s command to go to Nineveh and preach against their evil. This response of Jonah is indicative of all humanity. None of us, by nature, want to serve God. We would all much rather please ourselves! But God cannot have it that way, and went to great lengths to bring his disobedient prophet back into line and to seeing his own need of mercy.



  1. Jonah’s rebellion against the Lord
  2. Jonah’s rebellion revealed
  3. Jonah’s repentance unto life
  4. Jonah’s restoration to a right relationship with God

• Acknowledging sin and what it deserves

• Knowing and believing that God has provided a Saviour

• Turning from sin and trusting in God’s provision