‘The King builds the Temple’ (1 Kings 6:1-13)

There’s no doubt that the Temple built by King Solomon stands as one of the most important buildings ever constructed. The Temple would stand for all to see that the God of Israel was glorious, and that He lived among His people. In the text of 1 Kings 6:1-13, we are introduced to the size and the layout of the Temple under God’s instructions. But God wasn’t interested in the mere ‘shell’ of the building alone. This text also tells of the heart matters that Solomon needed to get right so he could walk before the Lord.



• The Temple of Solomon!
• So much detail
Psalm 127: 1 ‘Unless the Lord builds the house…’
• Note from the text the…

  1. Promises that were fulfilled (v.1)
  2. Details that were recorded (v.2-10)
  3. Responsibilities that were encouraged (v.11-13)

And what are you building?
Where Solomon failed….!