‘The resurrection of Jesus: facts met with faith’ (John 20:1-18)

John’s account of the resurrection traces the conclusions that Mary Magdalene reached over the moved stone and the missing body of Jesus. Even though Peter and John also visited the tomb and saw all that Mary had described, it wasn’t until Jesus spoke to her that Mary knew he was alive. The evidence for the resurrection abounds. It is not a lack of evidence that cause people to disbelieve the gospel accounts, but a lack of faith in the testimony of God’s Word, even though God promises salvation to those who do believe! (Romans 10:9-10)



00:00 Welcome
Song: Jesus Christ Is Risen
00:20 Introduction
00:37 Prayer
Song: Low in the Grave
04:41 Bible reading: John 19:16-42
Song: In Christ Alone
07:58 Bible reading: John 20:1-18
Song: Never Alone
Sermon: John 20:1-18
Song: Thine Be the Glory
10:44 Closing


‘The resurrection of Jesus: facts met with faith’

• Believe it or not!
• The same issue
• John describes the scene at the empty tomb
• He tells us of….

  1. Conclusions over a moved stone (v.1-2)
  2. Confusion over a missing body (v.3-10)
  3. Confirmation for a mourning believer (v.11-18)

John’s eyewitness testimony
Three responses to Paul’s message
Romans 10:9-10