‘Tensions in the Christian life’ #1 Freedom vs Submission

There are all kinds of tensions in the Christian life. Tensions as in truths that seem to clash. In this message, the idea of being ‘free’ in Christ is contrasted with the need to ‘submit’ to Christ as Lord. How do freedom and submission fit together? Maybe Matthew 11:28-30 has the answer!


Radio Service

00:00 Welcome
Song: Stand Up and Bless the Lord
00:19 Introduction
00:39 Prayer
05:15 Bible reading: John 8:12-36
Song: We Are His People
09:16 Shorter Catechism Introduction
10:44 Catechism Questions 162-167
14:43 Bible reading: Galatians 3:1-15
Song: Jesus Strong and Kind
Sermon: Matthew 11:28-30
Song: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
17:43 Closing


• This new series…
• A life of no conflict
• Freedom through submission?
• Note from this text …

  1. The invitations Jesus gives us (v.28, 29)
  2. The promises Jesus gives us (v.28)
  3. The reasons Jesus gives us (v.29, 30)

The farmer, oxen and yokes
Be yoked to Jesus!