‘Daniel and friends: Saved from the mouths of the lions’ (Daniel 6:1-28)

In the flow of the stores recorded in the book of Daniel, the story of Daniel in the den of lions (Daniel 6:1-28) is perhaps the most well known and one every Sunday School student would have heard. But it’s far from a children’s story and is a wonderful story of courage, bravery, loyalty and faith – especially so when it brings us to the One who wasn’t saved from the ‘lion’s mouth’ but was willing to go there for our sake!


Radio Service

00:00 Welcome
Song: Rejoice the Lord is King
00:17 Introduction
00:32 Prayer
05:47 Bible reading: Hebrews 11:32-40
Song: We Are His People
07:03 Shorter Catechism Introduction
08:30 Catechism Questions 100-102
10:13 Bible reading: Daniel 6:1-28
Song: Jesus Strong and Kind
Sermon: Daniel 6:1-28
Song: Jesus Paid It All
16:20 Closing


  • Now to chapter 6!
  • The pattern that’s developed…
  • Not quite just a Sunday School story!!
  • See how the text speaks of…
  1. How Daniel’s life was scrutinized (v.1-18)
  2. How Daniel’s faith was characterized (v.1-18)
  3. How Daniel’s God was glorified (v.19-28)

See Daniel… but better yet, see Jesus!