‘Daniel and friends: Faithful under pressure’ (Daniel 1:1-21)

The book of Daniel is a wonderful encouragement to God’s people because it tells the story of Daniel and his friends, living faithfully before God in the most difficult of circumstances. The exile of these young men of Judah into Babylon was no small test. To be a young man and far from home and the regular worship of God and the means of grace can never be underestimated. And then also, to be placed within the King’s court and palace with new Babylonian names! This would not have been easy. But Daniel 1:1-21, tells us that Daniel and his friends passed the test and in doing so proved that ‘the Lord honours those who honour Him’.


00:00 Welcome
Song: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
00:19 Introduction
00:42 Prayer
05:18 Bible reading: Daniel 1
Song: See Him Coming
08:49 Shorter Catechism Introduction
10:17 Catechism Questions 73-77
13:42 Bible reading: 2 Timothy 3
Song: By Faith
Sermon: Daniel 1:1-21
Song: O Jesus I Have Promised
17:04 Closing


• A new series
• Exile into Babylon
• Young men far from home
• See how the text speaks of…

  1. The strategies employed to change their mindset (v.1-7).
  2. The counter strategies employed to continue their mindset (v.8-16)
  3. God honoured their resolution to keep that mindset (v.17-21).

Perseverance, faithfulness and honour
What really matters…